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SNGPL abbreviating to Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited, is the largest gas pipeline company in Pakistan. It was founded in 1963 as a private sector company and later, after one year, got converted into a public limited company. The SNGPL has the largest gas pipeline network ranging from Azad Jammu and Kashmir to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and then to Punjab serving the 7.22 million population of the provinces. SNGPL is supplying RLNG (Re-gasified Liquefied Natural gas) to domestic, commercial, industrial, cement, power, and all other categories throughout the year. SNGPL has also secured the completion of a massive pipeline infrastructure project encompassing roughly 1100 kilometers of pipelines with diameters ranging from 42 inches to 16 inches and the installation of 35000 HP compression.

SNGPL’s online portal provides electronic services to its consumers. The user of the company services can visit the official website anytime and get the SNGPL duplicate bill. The process to check the SNGPL duplicate bill online is simple and direct. First, a consumer should know their consumer ID printed on the physical copy of the bill delivered to their home address. Upon entering that data, the user can view their duplicate SNGPL bill.