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How To Register SNGPL Bill Complaint? – SNGPL Complaint Online

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SNGPL Bill Complaint department that listens to people’s complaints and queries and tries its best to remove them as soon as possible. The SNGPL contact number for their offices in different cities are given as:

Help Line Of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

  • Ph: 042-99082000, 92-42-99082006
  • Fax:  92-42-99201369, 92-42-99201302
  • Billing Complaints:

AbbottabadTel: 0992-9310071-72+0992-9310077-78
GujranwalaTel: 055-9200480-84
FaisalabadTel: 041-9210033-35
BahawalpurTel: 062-9255022-24
IslamabadTel: 051-9257711-19
LahoreTel: 042-992633161, 042-992633180
MultanTel: 061-9220081-86, 061-9220084-86
PeshawarTel: 091-9217748-50
SahiwalTel: 040-9200093
SheikhupuraTel: 056-3791644-45
RawalpindiTel: 051-4917277-78
SargodhaTel: 048-3224401
GujratTel: 053-9260322, 053-9260325
Sialkot052-3251350, 052-3557172

SNGPL Bill Status – SNGPL Bill Tracking

One can also check the SNGPL bill status by SNGPL bill tracking. You can track the bill using your reference and consumer number. You can track the application by using the tracking ID that the staff provides at the time of application submission. Track your bill or application via phone. In order to do so, follow the given steps.

  • Dial 1199
  • Tell your CNIC number
  • Tell other details
  • Track the bill

You can get the SNGPL bill information and get the SNGPL bill correction by online SNGPL bill tracking. To do so, follow the given steps

  • Open the browser
  • Go to the official website of SNGPL
  • Go to the category of customer care
  • Click the option of bill tracking
  • Enter CNIC number
  • Enter consumer number
  • Enter tracking id
  • Proceed to track your bill or application

SNGPL Bill Payment

SNGPL online bill payment is an effortless task. There are many ways by which a person can pay the bill SNGPL online, and the online bill is paid through apps and websites. You can also search the SNGPL bill payment history. First of all, let’s talk about the apps that provide the service of bill payment online.


How To Print Duplicate Bills Of SNGPL?

To take out the print of the SNGPL duplicate bill, one must download the copy of the bill, and using the printer print command a user can print the SNGPL duplicate copy.

How To Check The SNGPL Bills Online?

The Company dispatches the hard copy of the SNGPL bill every month at the customer’s residential address. There is a ten-digit consumer number written on the bill. You must know your consumer number; otherwise, you cannot check your SNGPL bill online. Moreover, it would be best if you had access to a smartphone and a laptop. Access to a good internet connection is also mandatory.

How To Calculate The Gas Bill SNGPL?

The SNGPL bill calculation is not easy. It confuses many people because many conversions are involved in it. without any further ado, let’s jump into the formula of bill calculation. 1). The black digits on the gas meter show the units consumed in the meter cube. Subtract the previous reading from the current reading to get the new bill. 2). In order to get the result in hectometers, divide the cubic meters by 100. 3). Multiply the GCV consumed units in hectometer. Divide the answer by 281.37 4). Multiply gas bill into the slab rate. 5). Add other bills like meter rent etc.


SNGPL Sui gas bill payment and checking are now only a touch away. SNGPL gas bill payment was never this easy before. Online SNGPL bill has made the bill payment method less hectic. Moreover, SNGPL other online services are equally facilitating the consumers. No doubt SNGPL did a great job with the implementation of online services. Now customers can do every procedure without stepping out of their houses. You didn’t understand the SNGPL Bill Complaint article reread the article.

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