Complete Guide For SNGPL New Connection Application Online – sui gas meter application

Customers can apply for the SNGPL new connection form online. for this purpose, they need to understand some essential terms before applying for the new connection

Connection Types For SNGPL New Connection

There are three types of connections to which a person can apply. These different types of connections come with different regulations and bills. The SNGPL new connection fee varies with the connection. Those connections may include

  • Domestic connection
  • Commercial connection
  • Industrial connection

Domestic Connection – Online application for domestic gas connection

This connection is for household purposes. The people who need a gas connection for their house, no matter how big it is, will always apply for a domestic connection.

domestic connection form

Commercial Connection

This connection is for all those establishments that are registered as commercial localities. They may include shops, bakeries, milk shops, tea shops, cafes, tandoor, etc. now, talking about the commercial connections, there are two types of commercial consumers

The Low-Pressure Commercial Consumers

These consumers consume 300 cubic feet per hour of natural gas. They have to pay security for the additional load in addition to fixed service line charges. Their monthly bill also contains a portion of the monthly tax and sales tax.

The High-Pressure Commercial Consumers

High-pressure commercial consumers use more than 300 cubic feet per hour of natural gas. They pay the security fee as well. Their security fee includes all the bills of installation and maintenance of the commercial connection and the fee for additional load. Their monthly bill also contains a portion of monthly taxes and sales taxes etc., and their tariff is higher than the industrial connection.

Industrial Connection

The industrial sector includes factories, companies, and plants that use gas in bulk amount. Industrial connection consumers use more than 500 cubic feet per hour of natural gas. They pay the security fee which includes the fee of maintenance and installation of the connection. The fee also includes the payment of an additional load. Industrial consumers also pay service taxes and monthly taxes and hold charges with their bills.

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In Order To Apply For a New Connection, Here Are The Steps To Follow:
  • Turn on the device
  • Search SNGPL New Connection in the search bar
  • Click to
  • Read the homepage and instructions
  • Click to the option of new connection
  • View the application form
  • Download the application form
  • Fill the application form
  • Attach the required documents with the application
  • Please apply with the documents to the regional office of SNGPL
The List Of Documents That One Needs To Attach With The Application Is:
  • Copy of applicant’s CNIC
  • Copy of business NTN certificate
  • Copy of factory premises layout plan
  • Copy of property title document or rent agreement (in case of a tenant) It is An attested document of “no objection” by the landlord. This document is required when the customer does not own the property. This document shows the proof that the customer is installing a new connection with the full consent of the landlord.
  • Copy of partnership deed or certificate from the registrar of Firm (in case of registered Partnership)
  • Power of attorney in case of Partnership firm, in the Name of the person who is authorized to sign on behalf of the Firm
  • Memorandum/articles of association (for limited Company) along with a copy of the resolution for power of attorney from the Board of Directors of the Company
  • Affidavit of Proprietorship / Ownership (In the case of Sole Proprietorship). It is The attested document of the ownership of the property. It is proof that the customer owns the place where he wants to install a new connection.
  • The attested document proves that the place never had any connection installation before. Suppose the place came out to be the one where there was an electricity connection before. In that case, the customer will pay all the residual charges of the previous connection

Some people want to submit the application form online. For this purpose, they can fill out the form online and attach the documents. In order to attach the documents with the online application, follow the steps

  • Take a clear picture of each document
  • Open the browser
  • Search jpg to pdf converter
  • Upload the picture
  • Convert the picture into the pdf form
  • Attach the pdfs with the online application and submit it

Demand Notice

After the staff approves the application, the SNGPL issues a demand notice for the customer. The demand notice is issued when a customer applies for a new connection or meter. Demand notice always comes with few. One needs to pay the fee of demand notice and submit the paid challan to the regional office of SNGPL. After the payment of the fee, the staff workers install a new connection within 2-3 weeks

SNGPL Online Bill

SNGPL Online Application Off SNGPL New Connection

When you add a SNGPL New Connection. In order to get the online SNGPL meter application form, follow the given steps

  • Turn on your device
  • Search the official website of SNGPL
  • Go to the category of customer care services
  • Click to the category of new connection
  • Click on the icon of the application form
  • Download and print out the application form

After printing the form out, see what they are asking for. Fill in the given information correctly

  • Visit the official website of SNGPL
  • Carefully read all the information given on the main page of the website
  • Now select the category of the fee that varies with the connection. Those connections may include fees varies with the connection. Those connections may include
  • Open the application form
  • Enter the NTN ( national tax number)
  • Choose the type of connection that you want. The connections are domestic, commercial, industrial, agriculture, tubewell, temporary, street light, residential colonies, and general services.
  • Select your subdivision
  • Enter your father’s Name
  • Enter your CNIC number
  • Enter your Present address
  • Enter All the mobile numbers
  • Enter the Name of the contact person
  • Enter The present address of the contact person
  • Relationship with the contact person
  • Email id
  • Mention the no. of meters already installed
  • Neighbor’s name and address
  • Also chose the meter installation company

Fill out this application form very neatly and thoroughly. Use block letters. You can also do SNGPL application tracking by CNIC.

SNGPL Bill Payment For SNGPL New Connection

SNGPL online bill payment is an effortless task. There are many ways by which a person can pay the bill SNGPL online, and the online bill is paid through apps and websites. You can also search the SNGPL bill payment history. First of all, let’s talk about the apps that provide the service of bill payment online.


How To Print Duplicate Bills Of SNGPL?

To take out the print of the SNGPL duplicate bill, one must download the copy of the bill, and using the printer print command a user can print the SNGPL duplicate copy.

How To Check the SNGPL Bills Online?

The Company dispatches the hard copy of the SNGPL bill every month at the customer’s residential address. There is a ten-digit consumer number written on the bill. You must know your consumer number; otherwise, you cannot check your SNGPL bill online. Moreover, it would be best if you had access to a smartphone and a laptop. Access to a good internet connection is also mandatory.

How To Calculate The Gas Bill SNGPL?

The SNGPL bill calculation is not easy. It confuses many people because many conversions are involved in it. without any further ado, let’s jump into the formula of bill calculation. 1). The black digits on the gas meter show the units consumed in the meter cube. Subtract the previous reading from the current reading to get the new bill. 2). In order to get the result in hectometers, divide the cubic meters by 100. 3). Multiply the GCV consumed units in hectometer. Divide the answer by 281.37 4). Multiply gas bill into the slab rate. 5). Add other bills like meter rent etc.


SNGPL Sui gas bill payment and checking are now only a touch away. SNGPL gas bill payment was never this easy before. Online SNGPL bill has made the bill payment method less hectic. Moreover, SNGPL other online services are equally facilitating the consumers. No doubt SNGPL did a great job with the implementation of online services. Now customers can do every procedure without stepping out of their houses. After that you can easily add SNGPL New Connection.

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